Carebara - Alex Wild Photography
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Carebara affinis

Carebara affinis

Supermajor and minor workers attacking a beetle grub. Supermajors have powerful mandibles useful for cutting up and carrying large prey items. The supermajor pictured here was able to single-handedly drag this very large beetle larva across the substrate while I photographed them.

Rossville, Queensland, Australia

Pheidologeton affinisPheidologetonmyrmicinaecarebaraformicidaemarauder antsmarauder antinsectssocial insectscastebiologyworker castessupermajorsoldier antsminor workersdivision of labourpolymorphismpolymorphicant sizessizetropical antspredationecologybeetle larvapreyants eatingants huntingsuperorganism